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Torque monitor MP92

  • Monitoring of engine torque for 3phase motors
  • Frequency range 10-400 Hz
  • Very suitable in connection with frequency converters
  • Analogue and relay output
  • Adjustable start-up time, reaction time and setpoint
  • Selectable current ranges: 1A, 2,5A, 5A and 10A
  • Produced in accordance with CE and EMC regulations

C-mac® torque monitor type MP92 is used for monitoring of the engine torque on 3-phase motors.
The unit is particularly suitable in connection with frequency converters, and it can be used on all converters using the PWM principle.
Contrary to motors connected directly to the mains frequency, it is not possible to monitor the mechanical load on a motor which is connected via a frequency converter, by means of a standard power monitoring unit, because both voltage, current, phase angle and frequency must be calculated, and MP92 is developed particularly for this purpose.
The torque monitoring principle indicates the correct mechanical load of the motor, independant of the rotation speed, thereby making it suitable in connection with machine monitoring and process control applications.
MP92 can be connected directly to motors with a nominal load current up to 10 A, corresponding to approx. 5 kW.
In order to get the maximum metering accuracy you can select between 4 different current- and 2 voltage ranges by means of DIP-switches.
The unit is supplied with a 0-10 V output, indicating the actual torque in percentage of the metering range, and a 1-pole relay output, which switches if the adjusted setpoint is exceeded.

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