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Tachometer relay RR10

  • 3 metering ranges, from 10 rpm. to 20.000 rpm.
  • Adjustable start-up delay, from 0 to 10 seconds.
  • Universal pulse inputs for contact, NPN/PNP sensor, Namur sensor, etc.
  • Selectable latch function.
  • 1-pole relay output.
  • DC supply or AC supplies up to 230 VAC
  • Made in accordance with the CE and EMC regulations

The C-mac® tachometer relay type RR10 can be used for many different kinds of speed monitoring. The relay is available in 3 different metering ranges, calibrated in rpm (revolutions per minute).

The relay is supplied with universal pulse inputs, which enables you to use many different types of sensors. In addition, the relay can also deliver the supply voltage to the sensor.

You can select, if you want the output relay to release at too high or too low speed.
You can also select a latch function, which means the relay will stay deactivated, if the set limit has once been exceeded.
The latch is cancelled by disconnection of the latch input or the supply voltage.

When the function, where the relay is released at too low speed, is selected, the adjustable time-delay can be used to ensure that the unit, which is monitored, can reach its correct speed, before the module starts monitoring.

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