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Current/voltage relaysRC30/RV30

  • RC30: Current monitoring RV30: Voltage monitoring
  • 3 metering inputs in each module
  • Adjustments for setpoint and time delay
  • Selectable relay inversion, time delay, hysteresis and start-up delay
  • Automatic detection of AC or DC metering input
  • DC supply or AC supplies up to 230 VAC
  • Made in accordance with the CE and EMC regulations

C-mac® current monitoring relay, type RC30, and voltage monitoring relay, type RV30 are universal
metering relays, each supplied with 3 metering ranges, automatic detection of AC or DC input signal, plus a 24 VDC output voltage, for the supply of external sensors or the like.

By means of a DIP-switch in the bottom of the unit you can select between 4 different combinations of relay inversion and reaction-delay, 5 or 15% hysteresis and start-up delay.

On the front of the unit you can adjust the setpoint and reaction-delay between 0 and 10 seconds.

The monitoring relays are each available in 3 different variants, which makes it possible to select current ranges between 0.1 to 2 mA and 0.25 to 6 A, and voltage ranges between 3 to 60 mV and 25 to 600 V.

The start-up has the following function:
When the DIP-switch for selection (switch 4) is off, there will be no start-up delay, which means the monitoring will start, when the supply voltage is connected.
When switch 4 is on, there will be a fixed start-up delay of 10 seconds, and in this period the output relay is in the position, which corresponds to no signal on the input, and after this period, the output corresponds to the actual input signal.
This function is particularly interesting, if you are monitoring a load, which has a very high start-up current.

The units are supplied for 24, 115 or 230 VAC supply or 10-50 VDC supply.

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