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Star/delta relay type RT18

  • Timing relay for star-delta switches
  • Automatic start
  • 4 time ranges from 0,4 sec. to 10 min.
  • Time adjustment on built-in potentiometer
  • 1-pole relay output with neutral centre position
  • 100 msec. fixed neutral time
  • Phase-neutral or phase-phase supply voltage
  • Made in accordance with the CE and EMC regulations

C-mac® time relay type RT18 is particularly made for the control of star-delta contactors.

When the supply voltage is connected, the relay activates in position 1-4, and the time period starts.

At the end of the set delay, the relay switches to neutral centre position for approx. 100 msec. Then it switches to position 1-3 and stays in this position, until the supply voltage is interrupted.

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