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Signal converters and Relays LC10 og LV10

  • Non-programmable signal converters / monitoring relays
  • Current, voltage, temperature or resistor inputs
  • Built-in exitation supply for transducer
  • Current, voltage or relay output
  • Galvanic separation, supply - input - output
  • DC supply or AC supply voltages up to 230 VAC
  • Made in accordance with the and EMC regulations

The C-mac® converters, series L, consists of 3 different basic units, each of them available in a number of variants:

  • LC10 has current input and current, voltage or relay output.
  • LV10 has voltage input and current, voltage or relay output.
  • LM30 has temperature input (3-wire Pt 100) and current, voltage or relay output.
  • LM50 has resistor or potentiometer input and current, voltage or relay output.

The signal converters convert a standard or nonstandard analogue input signal to a standard analogue output signal, selectable between 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-10 V or 2-10 V, and because all units have galvanic isolation between suppy, input and output, a safe and effective isolation between the input signals and the equipment, which is connected to the output of the converters, is ensured.

All connections to the converter module are placed on one terminal block, and therefore it is possible to install 2 independent converters in the same housing, thereby reducing the required space in the control panel, where the modules are installed. Optionally, the converters can be supplied with an input signal monitor with isolated transistor output. This output is only activated, if the input signal is within the specified metering range.

If the converter is supplied with this monitor, only one converter can be installed in the housing. The monitoring relays operate with the same input signals, but instead of having an analogue output signal, the modules are supplied with 2 relay outputs, where setpoints and relay functions are user adjustable. All monitoring relays have input signal monitor with transistor output, and only one module can be installed in each housing.

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