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Pulse divider/preselection relay RD53

  • Preselection relay / pulse divider
  • Digital adjustment between 2 and 999
  • Pulse inputs for contact, NAMUR or NPN transistor.
  • Transistor output for connection to “slave module”
  • 1-pole relay output
  • DC supply or AC supplies up to 230 VAC
  • Made in accordance with the CE and EMC regulations

C-mac® module type RD53 is a digital pulse counter module, selectable as pulse divider or preselection relay.
The pulse inputs can be activated from a mechanical contact, a transistor or a NAMUR sensor, and the reset input can be activated from a mechanical contact or a transistor.
The unit is supplied with a “slave” transistor output, in this way several units can be connected to the same pulse sensor.

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