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Programmable 3-phase relay PPR10

  • Monitoring of all static 3-phase parameters:
  • Over / Undervoltage, Sequence, Asymmetry, Frequency.
  • Monitoring of dynamic parameters:
  • df/dt (ROCOF) and Phase angle fault.
  • Programmable functions, ranges and reaction delays.
  • 2 independent relay output 8 A / 250 V AC
  • AC supply voltages up to 3 x 415 VAC
  • Made in accordance with the CE and EMC regulations

The C-mac® module type PPR10 is a universal 3-phase monitoring relay, particularly suitable for monitoring and protection of the mains supply and connected equipment in connection with generators and portable equipment.

The unit is made in accordance with the new European requirements for connection of micro-generators to the mains supply.

All parameters are programmable, and in order to ensure that unauthorized persons are not able to change the settings, there are no potentiometers on the unit.
The parameters are selected on a PC, and transferred to a small battery operated programming unit, which is then used to program each unit on site.

The unit is supplied with two relay outputs, and you can program which of the parameters are active on each relay.
The relays are activated at normal conditions, and releases if one or more of the selected parameters are exceeded.

Reaction delays for each relay are individually selectable, except for the dynamic parameters, where the reaction delay for release is fixed at 100 msec.

Each output relay have a corresponding control input, where you can select between 5 different functions.

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