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Phase monitoring relay RP33

  • 3-phase monitoring of phase-neutral voltages
  • Built-in adjustable time-delay
  • Separate adjustments for minimum and maximum limits
  • 1-pole relay output 8 A / 250 V AC
  • AC supply voltages up to 3 x 415 VAC
  • Made in accordance with the CE and EMC regulations

The C-mac® module type RP33 meters its own 3-phase supply voltage, and checks that all 3 phase-neutral voltages are within the adjusted limits, and in that case, the output relay is activated.

If one or more of the voltages are over or under the limits for a period of time, which exceeds the set delay, the relay releases.

The module can operate from 80 to 120% of the nominal supply voltage.

The unit can only be used at 3 phases plus neutral. If neutral is not available, monitoring module type RP30 must be used instead.

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