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kW transmitter FPA96

  • Transmitter for kW, 3-phase symmetrical load
  • Connection to 3-phase from 3 x 400 VAC up to 3 x 460 VAC
  • Monitoring of total power consumption (√3 x U x I x cos )
  • Current monitoring with external current transformers
  • Analogue output 0-20 mA / 4-20 mA and 0-10 / 2-10 V
  • SO1 and counter outputs for kWh
  • Galvanic separation, supply - output
  • Made in accordance with the CE and EMC regulations

FPA96 is monitoring the power consumption on 3-phase asymmetrical loads, and it can be used for all kind of power monitoring within normal supply voltages.
The supply voltage for the unit and the monitoring voltage is the same.
The supply voltages are monitore directly, and the current monitoring is made by means of external current transformers with 1 or 5 A nominal output, so there are no limitations regarding the current ranges.
The unit has both current and voltage outputs, which are selectable as 0-20mAand 0-10 Vor 4-20mAand 2-10 V.
The selection of transformer type and output range is made be means of digital inputs, and it is also possible to select an output filter, which makes the output more stable if the monitored power is very unstable.
The module generates 1000 pulses per hour at 100% load, and these pulses are trensferred to thel SO1 and counter output.
The used can scale the connected PLC or instrument in accordance with the actual current transformers.
The calibrated metering ranges are shown below.

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