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Diff. pressure sensors series DC

  • Standard metering ranges up to 500 mm H2O
  • Max. pressure 3 x metering range
  • Loop-powered4-20 mA
  • 12-30 VDC supply
  • DC66 EX approved(ATEX Zone 22 cl. 3D)
  • In accordance with CE and EMC regulations

The pressure sensors series DC are used for monitoring of pressure in various applications.

DC51 is connected with tubes and used for standard applications where there are no specific demards for materials, etc.

DC66 is made in stainless steel 304 and the electronic circiut is moulded, which makes it suitable even in very harsh environments.
The unit is also ATEX approved for zone 22 class 3D.

DC66 is supplied with a 6W heating element, which can be used at very low temperatures, if there is a possibility for condensation.
DC 66 can be connected through a 17 mm hole, with 16 mm male thread, 3/8" female thread, or via connection tubes.

It is possible to fine-adjust the range on both units.

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