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4 digit panel instrument DM400

  • Programmable panel instrument
  • Current, voltage or temperature indication
  • Programmable range, function and setpoints
  • Galvanic isolation between supply and internal electronics
  • Made in accordance with the CE and EMC regulations

DMC400 and DMT400 are 4-digit panel instruments, which in addition to metering display can be programmed with 2 setpoints and time-delay.
DMC400 is available in several variants for indication of current and voltage, and display range as well as setpoints and time-delays are programmable.
DMT400 is made for temperature metering, and it is available in several variants for either Pt100 or thermocouple sensors.
On the DMT-units it is not possible to adjust the display range, but set-points and reaction-delays are programmable.

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