• Universal instrument for calibreting and control of signals
  • Meter or generate current- and voltage signals
  • Analog setting/ digital reading
  • Batteri powered or voltage supplied via adapter
  • 4-digit display
  • 2 rotary switches for range and 1 switch for function
  • 9V batteri

MS4201 is used for simulating current- and voltagesignals. It works both as "active" og "passive" simulator, and can meassure current and voltage.

MS4201 has output for 0-20 mA or 0-10V DC variable. Further more 2 fixed settings for 2 V / 4 mA eller 10 V / 20 mA.

The function "passive" is used for simulating 2-tread transmitters. The meter can also be used for meassuring og 0-25 mA eller 0-25 VDC.

MS4201 is supplied from a standard 9 V batteri, but has also o plug for connection to mains adaptor.

If the instrument has not been operated for 25 minutes, it will enter power down mode, where the consumption is minimal. This function can be cancelled.


Mastervarenr. MS4201
Mastervare Yes