RT10-1-1-230-60 S.
  • Elektronic timer 
  • Adjustable time delay from input activating to relay fall release
  • Adjustable time delay 1,5-60 sec. by start-up
  • Timer function activated in relation to power on/off for supply
  • 1-polet/8A relay output
  • 230 VAC supply

C-mac® timer type RT10 covers basic timer functions used in many applikationer. RT 10 has automatic function, which means, that the timer functionen starts, when the supply voltage is connected and/or is switched off.  

The function of RT10 is time delay at supply voltage start-up. The output relay is activated with delay, which corresponds to the setting at the potentiometer at the front of the module.  

Mastervarenr. RT10-1-1-230-
Mastervare No