RT12.7-2-1-230-3 S.
  • Elektronic interval timer 0,08-3 sec.
  • Reset of timer and relay via NPN-sensor or switch
  • Interval timer with 3 different options for time reset and/or relay
  • Adjustable time delay by start-up or relay drop-off
  • 2-pole/5A relay output
  • 230 VAC supply


C-mac® timer type RT12.7 covers basic timer funktions, used in many applications.  

RT12.7 funktions as an interval time delay in relation to start-up of the supply voltage. Primary difference to RT12.6 is that reset of time og relay happens with an NPN-sensor at pin 5-6-7 at the relay socket.  

Mastervarenr. RT12.7-2-
Mastervare No