RT12.6-2-1-230-10 M.
  • Electronic interval timer RT12.6 Delay 0,25-10 min.
  • Adjustable time delay by relay engagement. Impulse timer
  • Output relay 2-pole/5A
  • Supply voltage at 230VAC

C-mac® timer type RT12.6 covers basic timer functions for many applications. The RT-12.6 module has automatic function, which means, that the timer function start-up, when the supply voltage is connected.  

RT12.6 function as an interval time delay in relation to the start-up of the supply voltage. The output relay is activated or fall-off with a delay, which is relative to the setting on the potentiometer at the front of the module. When pin 5 and 7 at the socket are connected, the relay will activate, and the timer count down to the relay fall-off, dependant about the input is activated again within the count down periode. The module kan also be set to delayed fall-off, in relation to the latest time when pin 5 and 7 was activated.  

Mastervarenr. RT12.6-2-1-230-
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