RT10-1-1-230-10 M.
  • Electronic timer RT10: Delay on operate 0,25-10 min.
  • Adjustable time delay from input is activated to output fall-off
  • Timer function is activated in relation to ON/OFF for supply
  • Output relay 1-pole/8A
  • Supply voltage 230 VAC 

C-mac® timer type RT10, RT12, RT14, RT15 and RT16 coveres basic functions, which are used in many applications. All RT-modul types have automatic function, which means that the timer function will start, when the supply voltage is connected and/or switched off.  

The function of RT10 is time delay in regard to when the the supply voltage is connected. The delay time for the output relay refers to the setting at the potentiometer at the front of the module.  

Mastervarenr. RT10-1-1-230-
Mastervare No