RT18-2-1-230-60 S.
  • Star/triangle time relay
  • Automatic start-up
  • 4 adjustable time ranges from 1,5 to 60 sec. 
  • Time adjusting at internal potentiometer
  • Green LED for relay in position 1-4, and red LED for relay in position 1-3
  • 1-pole/8A output relay with neutral center position
  • 230 VAC supply voltage

C-mac® time relay RT18 is specially developed for controlling star/triangle contactors. When the supply voltage is connected, the relay is activated between pin 1-4, and the time measuring starts. When the preset time is passed, the relay shifts to neutral position for 100msek., and then it shifts to position 1-3, and stays there, until the supply voltage is disconnected.  

Repetition accuracy: 0,1%

Mastervarenr. RT18-2
Mastervare No