• Multi range temperature relay for PT100 sensors
  • 4 measuring ranges in each modul
  • Setpoint and time delay adjusting 
  • Selectable range, relay function and time delay
  • 3-wire with cable compensating
  • 2-polet relay output
  • 230 VAC supply

C-mac® temperature relay, type RM34, usable for temperature monitoring/controlling with PT100 temperature sensors. RM34 has a 3-core measure princip so that the module compensate for the cabel resistance. Cabel monitoring ensures that the relay drops off if short circuit or cabel break happens.

From a DIP-switch in the bottun of the module it is possible to chose between 4 measure ranges and 4 different combinations of relay inverting and time delay. Following 4 ranges are available:

-50 - 50 °C, 0 - 100 °C, 50 - 150 °C, 100 - 200 °C

Using til relay inverting it is possible to chose heat- or cooling function. The time delay is adjustable between 0 and 10 secunds. The module can be sourced either with 1- or 2-pole relay output. Setpoint and time delay are set on the front of the module. 24, 115 eller 230 VAC supply or 10-50 VDC supply available. 

Mastervarenr. RM34-
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