TLK35 HCRR--I---
  • Input for PT100, mV and V
  • Up to 4 set-points
  • 2 relay/8 A outputs
  • PID, ON/OFF or neutral zone controlling
  • 230 VAC supply
  • Mechanical measures (WxHxD) 70x84x60mm, DIN-rail mounting

TLK35 is a digital microprocessor controlled unit with ON/OFF, neutral zone ON/OFF or PID control. The instrument is equipped with advanced automatic settings for PID control. The actual measure value is displayed at a 4-digit display, and outputs are displayed with 3 LED's.

Actual temperature is displayed relative to setpoint at 3 LED's. The instrument can be programmed up to 4 setpunkter, and is equipped with up to 3 outputs, either relay or for external SSR.

Measure input can be sourced for different temperature sensors (Thermoelement, PT100 or PTC), analog current- or voltage signals. The instrument is also sourced with 2 controller inputs and/or RS485 MODBUS communication.

Note 1: More instrument functionalities are only described in the english manual version.

Note 2: Can be sourced with these inputs  0/4....20 mA V:  0....1 V, 0/1....5 V, 0/2....10 V

Mastervarenr. TLK35
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