• Input for PT100, mV and V
  • Up to 4 set-points
  • 2 relay outputs/8 A
  • PID, ON/OFF or neutral zone regulating
  • 230 VAC supply
  • Measures (WxHxD) 48x48x108 mm, (Build-in measures 45x45x98 mm)

K48 is a compact 4 digit regulator/temperature controller with a broad list of functionalities.

Suitable for tasks, where temperature regulation or other processes is required.  

Functions like timer, watt-meter, alarm and soak/ramp is shared with the K48 module.

The measured value is shown on a 4 digit display where active outputs also is shown.

By ordering please state the voltage supply, type of input and amount of outputs.

K48 replaces TLK48

Mastervarenr. K48
Mastervare No