• Fixed programmed measuring value converter/relay
  • Voltage input 0-10V DC
  • Build-in supply for transducer
  • Galvanic separation between supply - input - output
  • 230V AC supply

C-mac® signal converter LC10 and LV10 are respectively provided with a measuring input for current or voltage. The signal converters converts a standard or non-standard analog input signal to a standard analog output signal, selectable between 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA 0-10 V eller 2-10 V, and as both modules has galvanic separation between supply, input and output, a secure and effectively isolation is ensured between input signals and the equipment that is connected to the converter outputs. 

All connections to the converter are placed at the same terminal block , which allows connection of two different and independant converts in the same housing. This means place saving in the control board. The measurement relays are sourced with same type of input signals, but insted of analog output signal the modules have two relay outputs with adjustable setpoint, choseable relay function as well as input monitoring with transistor output. This means restriction to one measuring relay in each housing. 

Mastervarenr. LV10-0
Mastervare No