• Pulse input for NPN, PNP or voltage signals
  • Build-in supply for ekstnal sensor
  • 16 measuring ranges, selectable with knob 
  • Galvanic isolation between supply, inputs and outputs
  • 24V AC supply

C-mac converter, type LR10 is used for speed measurement, where the input signal comes from a switch, a sensor or similar. The converter is equipped with a 24 VDC/max. 25mA output, which can be used to supply an external sensor. The converter is sourced with either analog- or relay outputs. From a switch in the fromt of the converter it is possible to chose between 16 different ranges from 0-100 p.p.m. to 0-20000 Hz.

Another switch is used for chosing output range (0-20 mA/0-10V eller 4-20 mA/ 2-10 V) and to fine adjustment of the measurement range. By the fine adjustment it is possible to chose a range between the actual and the previous nominal range. Switches are used to chose the relay function (relay on / relay off). The analog output level is updated by each input pulse (in higher ranges 10 times per secund), which ensures a quick reaction time and a stabil output signal, even at very low input frequency. 


Mastervarenr. LR10-A
Mastervare No