• Temperature inputs from resistor- or thermo sensor
  • Potentiometer- and resistance input
  • Speed measuring and build-in supply for sensors
  • Analog and / or pulse outputs
  • Galvanic separation between supply - input - output
  • 12-50V DC supply

PMR10 is a programmable milti range converter / isolations amplifier with temperature-, resistance-, pulse- and analog inputs, as well as current, voltage and pulse inputs. 

The module is supplied with following input functions:
Temperature measuring with 3-core Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni500 and Ni1000 sensors, as well as monitoring of sensor cabel.
Temperature measuring with thermo sensor type J (Fe-CuNi), type K (NiCr-Ni), type R (Pt13%Rh-Pt), type S (Pt10%Rh-Pt), type T (Cu-CuNi), type B (Pt30%Rh-Pt6% Rh), type N (Nicrosil-Nisil) eller type E (NiCr- CuNi).
When the module is programmed for measuring with thermo sensors, it can set internal to compensate for cold soldering point or external CJC-Box, which ensures a higher accuracy. 
Independent of sensor type, the module can compensate the sensor nonlinearity. 

Potentiometer measuring: With this function, the output signal allways indicate the actual potentiometer setting, independant of potentiometer type and resistance value. 
Resistance measuring: The output signal display the measured resistance value in relation to the programmed measuring range.
Speed measuring: It has programmable input ranges for NPN, PNP or NAMUR sensors, inclusive the supply voltage for the sensor. 

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