• Programmable multi signal converter
  • AC/DC current input from15 μA to 10 A
  • AC/DC voltage input from10 mV to 1500 V
  • Frequency up to 5 kHz
  • Analog and/ or pulse outputs
  • Galvanic separation between supply - inputs - outputs
  • 12-50 VDC supply

PCV10 is a programmable multi range converter / isolation amplifier with current-, voltage-, or pulse inputs. 

The module is provided with 3 current- and 3 viltage inputs, and therefore it is possible to programme all given input ranges between 15 μA and 10 A or 15 mV and 1000VAC / 1500 VDC. With DC-inputs it is possible to measure both positive and negative signals. 

When the module measures AC-signals, it will measure the RMS-value , and therefore the signals will be converted without measuring errors, independant on which curve shape is measured. 

The module can be programmed to measure the frequency of an input signal. The signal input functions as a common measuring platform for both current, voltage and frequency. 

All parameters in the converter are programmable within the specific limitations (min. and max. input- and output signals, frequency and so on).

It is possible to chose between 2 different output types:

Type A is provided with analog current output, programmable between 0 and 20 mA, and further analog voltage input, programmable between -10 and +10 V.

Type B has the same analog output like type A, but is also provided with pulse output, programmable up to a maximum frequency at 10 kHz.

The module is provided with 2 potentiometers, which can be used for fine adjustment of the measuring range, if wanted. 

The module can be ordered with a specific measuring range, or it is possible to user specify self by C-mac programmering software and an interface box connected between a standard PC and the module. 

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