• 1-phase and symmetric 3-phase power measuring
  • Phase angle and cos phi measuring
  • Analog output
  • Galvanic separation between supply - input - outputs
  • 230V AC supply

PPV10 is a programmable multi range converter/ isolation amplifier with 1- and 3-phase voltage inputs, 1 current input and current, voltage- or pulse inputs. 

Programming features:
Measuring of phase angle or power from 1-phase AC- or DC-loads.
Measuring of phase angle or power from symmetrical 3-phase loads.
2 voltage- and 3 current inputs

Functionel range between 20 and 750 V input voltage, and 150 mA to 6 A input current. If the measure current is higher than 6A, an external current transformer must be used, and thereby it is possible to measure loads up to several hundreds kW.

The supply voltage for the module is separated from the measuring inputs, which enables high voltage variations. 

The module has 2 trimming potentiometers, which enables fine adjustment of the measuring range.
It is possible to order a specific measuring range, or the customer can program this by a C-mac programming software and an interface box connected between a PC and the module.


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