DATEC transmitter with 15 meter cable

  • Supply voltage: 10-30VDC
  • Consumption: 28mA
  • Indicator: Gren LED, supply connected
  • Working temperature: -20 gr.C. to 55 gr.C.
  • Shielding class: IP67
  • Connection: 3-core cable 15m
  • Measuring: M12x60mm


Transmitter distance adjustment: When the distance adjustment is not being used, the infrared will be transmitting at maximum power. If smaller objects has to be detected at short distance, the transmitter power can be reduced, and this can be done by connecting a resistor between the adjustment terminal and minus. The resistor value is chosen from the causal relationship: Max. Output power R > 10 kohm 50% output power: R = 1 kohm 

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