Datec sources transmitter and receiver diodes in cylindric casings with- and without screw thread and bushings for a complete optosystem together with Datec's amplifier relays.  

  • 5m detection distance
  • 15m cable
  • M12 housing stainless steel
  • IP67
  • -20 til 60 degrees working temperature
  • Supply voltage directe from Datec photo amplifier


The R-types can be ordered with an activation distance at 5m or 30m and a cable length from 5m to 15m. The housing is either 10 or 12mm. The T-types has a fixed activation distance at 30m and they vary in cable length from 5-15m with a housing, that messures 10mm or 12mm. Ordering overview can be found in the datasheed. 


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