• 3½-digit panel instrument with LED-display
  • Selectable measuring ranges 0-20 mA, 0-1 V og 0-10 V
  • Display current or voltage
  • Mini-display, front size 24 x 48 mm and hole size 21,5x43,5 mm
  • Galvanic separation mellem supply and internal electronic
  • Supply voltage 9-26 VAC or 9-35 VDC


DP510 is a 3½-digit panel instrument with LED-display, and due to its small size it is suitable for mounting in control panels. DP510 has choosable measure ranges 0-20 mA, 0-1 V og 0-10 V, and by a switch at the top and a potentiometers at the back of the instrument it is possible to adjust the range. Further it is possible to choose the placement of the decimal point. 

Mastervarenr. DP510R
Mastervare Yes