Series of thermoplast boxes in different sizes from Gewiss. For further info regarding measures, see datasheet.

  • Measures: 100 x 100 x 50 mm

Gewiss boxes is designed with nylon ball head screws functioning as hinges. The boxes can be sealed. This is a patented system available for boxes from 190 x 140mm and up. 

Further box sizes are tightend with steel screws with big thread pitch, flat head and notch for Philips screwdriver (standard screwdriver). These screws have an elevation that ensures they allways stay tight in the lid. This solution allows a quick installation of the lid and ensures a high degree of tightness. 

The boxes is delivered with a grey or transparant lid of polycarbonat with an IP56 classification, and can therefor be used where waterproof boxes are required. All sizes of boxes have long holes for attachment to terminal blocks, mounting plates or DIN rails. Strong wall attachments ensures mounting to the wall. By this approach the boxes ensures tightness and double isolation.

Different fittings like terminal blocks, metal mounting plates, DIN rails and grommets for power lines is offered.


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