POLYBOX 52 X 50 X 35


Series of polycarbonate boxes in different sizes from Gainta. For further info regarding measures, see datasheet.

  • Measure: 52 X 50 X 35 mm

Materials: Thermoplastic polycarbonate with good electrical isolation capacity. Neoprene sealing between bottom and lid and resistance against oil and petrol.

Temperatur range: -40°C til +100°C.

Construction: 2-split housing (bottom and lid). Neoprene sealing with groove and tongue ensures effectively sealing against dust and moisture. Holes for clamping are placed outside the sealed zone. The boxes comes with internal rails and clamping points for vertical or horizontal assembly of circuit boards.

Color bottom: light grey

Protection class: IP65


Mastervarenr. G-POLY
Mastervare No