• Load guard for 3-phase motors 
  • Measures power factor (cos phi)
  • Adjustable time delay 0-20 sek. by start-up
  • Selectable relay drop off by over- and under load
  • 1-pole relay output
  • 230V AC supply

C-mac®  module type RP81 is used to monitor the load of 3-phase motors, because the phase angle between the motor voltage and -current (cos phi) is changing dynamically with the mechanical load of the motor.

The biggest change occur, if the motor load is between 0 og 60%. Therefore the RP81 is suitable for monitoring wedges, dry running of pumps and so on.  

RP81 can be connected directly to motors with a nominel motor current up to 6 A. If the motor current is bigger, a standard current transformer must be used in connection to the monitoring. The module ie equipped with an adjustable start-up delay, that ensures the relay stay activated regardless the load, when the motor starts.

It is also possible to select, if the relay of the module must drop off by over- or under load. 

Mastervarenr. RP81-1-3-
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