• Monitoring torque for 3-phase motors
  • Frequence range 10-400 Hz
  • Suitable together with frequence converters
  • Analog- and relay output
  • Adjustable start-up time, reaction time and limit level
  • Selectable current range: 1A, 2,5A, 5A and 10A
  • Output relay 5A, and analog output 0-10V
  • Supply voltage: 24V AC/DC

C-mac® torque relay type MP92 is used for monitoring 3- phase motors torque. The module is specially developed in connection to frequency converters, and can be used together with all converters, which uses the PWM principle.

For motors connected via a frequency converter, it is not possible to measure the mechanical load by a standard power measuring module, because voltage, current, phase angel and frequency has to be taken into account. Therefore the MP92 module has been developed specific for this purpose. 

The torque measurement gives a correct picture of the motor load degree independant of of the speed, and therefore the module is suitable as effective machine monitoring- and procescontroller. 
MP92 can be connected direct to motors with nominal consumption up to 10A, equivalent to 5kW. To achieve as much accuracy as possible, there are selectable DIP-switches with 4 different current- and 2 voltage ranges. 

The module is provided with a 0-10 V output, which indicates the actual torque in % of the measuring range, and an 1-pole output relay shifting in case of exceeding the set limit value. 

Mastervarenr. MP92-024
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