• Measures power consumption on 3-phase motors
  • Measure from 3 x 380 V to 3 x 460 VAC symmetrical load
  • Built-in current trafo for direct current measurement up to 80 A
  • Selectable measuring range from 0,1 kW to 70 kW
  • Analog outputs and SO1 pulse outputs for kWh
  • Selectable divider and average function 

C-mac® FPA90 measures the absorbed power on symmetrical 3-phase loads, for instans motors.The power is measured in accordance with P=Sqr.3 UxIxcos phi. The module has a built-in current trafo and it allows messuring loads up to 460VAC - 80A direct. The module is connected to the same 3-phase supply voltage as the load, and one of the current fases is passed through the hole in the module for measuring the load current. If the load current exceeds 80A, an external current trafo must be applied, and the secundary signal from this trafo is passed through the hole in the module. 

The desired measurement range (in kW) is adjusted on 3 rotary switches in front of the module. If external current trafos is applied it is important to divide the power factor with the division factor for the current trafo. To insure correct function it is important to apply the module as shown in the manual, so the measured current fase is connected to terminal 1, and the direction of the current must be correct. 

 The module has analog current- and voltage inputs and an input for pulses. The outputs reach their maximum when the measured power is aligned with the preset value on the rotary switches. All the outputs is galvanically separated from the supply voltage. The module has 3 digital inputs for selecting the analog output signal, pulsrate output and input filter. The filter can be applied when the load is very fluctuating. Thereby the output signal is stabilized. 

 Mechanical dimensions: 86 x 70 x 58 mm

Mastervarenr. FPA90
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