• 3 measuring ranges from 100 rpm. to 2000 rpm
  • Adjustable start-up delay from 0 to 10 secunds
  • Universal pulse input for switch, NPN/PNP sensor, Namur sensor and more
  • Selectable self-hold function
  • 1-pole relay output
  • 12V DC supply

C-mac®  tachometer relay type RR10 can be used for many different types of speed monitoring. RR10 can be sourced for 3 ranges, which are calibrated in RPM. 

RR10 has universal pulse inputs, which means that many types of sensors can be used, and the module can provide supply voltage for the sensors.

It is possible to set the module to monitor either too low, or too high speed, and to select self-hold or non self-hold.

Mastervarenr. RR10-
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