TC49 LCR---

Ascon Tecnologic counter

  • Measures: 48 x 48 x 98 mm
  • Build-in: 45,5x45,5 mm
  • Supply voltage: 24V AC/DV 
  • Output: Relay 8A 
  • Enclosure: IP65


TC49 is a  programmable pulse counter with 4 different output functions and 2 counting functions (up and down). The counter is provided with 1 or 2 output relays, and can therefor alså be programmed with 1 or 2 setpoints. 

The counter value is shown at a 4-digit display, and output status is displayed via LED's at the front of the instrument.

The instrument is also provided with 2 inputs (counter input and programmable reset- down counting input). The inputs can either be switch inputs or voltage inputs (same voltage as the supply voltage). 

The instrument is programmed by 3 push buttons at the front. A separate reset botton is also available at the front. TC49 can be programmed either as preselection counter or pulse divider. 

It is also possible to programme a division factor at the counter input. Further information can be found in the manual. 

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