Universal relay for outpumping control. Suitable for control of conductive liquids. The liqiuid level is monitored by one sensor in the liquid.  Can be used for both AC- and DC-supply, as the module has build-in oscillator.

  • Fixed sensivity
  • Outpumping
  • Single or double sensor level
  • 2-pole relay output
  • 230 VAC supply

C-mac® level relay, series RL, is intended for controlling/monitoring of the liquid level in conducting fluids, where the level is monitored from 1 or 2 electrodes. RL11 uses the frequency of the supply voltage for the electrode signal, and therefor it can only be used for AC supply. The sensivity is not as great as in RL10. RL11 can be sourced with either adjustable or fixed sensivity. 

Mastervarenr. RL11F-2-1-230
Mastervare Yes