Universal relay for in- or outpumping control. Suitable for control of conductive liquids. The liqiuid level is monitored by one or two sensors in the liquid.  Can be used for both AC- and DC-supply, as the module has build-in oscillator.

  • Both for in- and outpumping
  • Single or double sensor level
  • Adjustable sensivity
  • 2-pole relay output
  • 230 VAC supply

C-mac® level relay, series RL, is intended for control/monitoring of liquid levels in conductive liquids, where the level must be monitored by means of 1 or 2 electrodes. RL10 is provided with internal oscillator for the electrode signal, which means that the module can be used with both AC- and DC supplies. The module can be adjusted to a very high sensivity, and it can therefor be used for very clean liquids - which means liquids with very low conductivity.  

Mastervarenr. RL10-2-
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