• 2-wire measurement of humidity and temperature
  • External sensor
  • 2 independent loop supply circuits
  • 4-20 mA current loop proportional with humidity and temperature

C-mac® HSR16 series is a humidity sensor or a combined temperature and humidity sensor. HSR16 consists of 1 or 2 independent loop circuits for messuring relative humidity and temperature. HSR16 is delivered with a 96 mm diving tube, but can upon request be delivered in the length 75 mm og 250 mm. 

Power supply: Via 4-20 mA current loop

Relative power supply: 7-30 VDC

Messuring range for humidity: 4-20 mA =0-100% RH

Messuring range for temperature: 4-20 mA = 0-50 °C

Working temperature: -20 °C til +70 °C

Electrical connection: 2 or 4 wire /screw terminals/ PG7

Application: Agriculture, horticulture, industri

Exceptions: Can not be used in condensing areas 

Accuracy humidity: ± 2% (10-90% RH)

Accuracy temperature: ± 1 °C

Material: Polykarbonat, grå

Weight: 90-120 g

Shielding class: IP44

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