Greystone CS series of mini current switches monitors the current for the electric load to a pump, a conveyor, or a heater, and closes the output switches when the measuring current exceeds the setpoint. The setpoint can be adjusted at a potentiometer. 

  • Measuring range from 0-200 A adjustable
  • SSR output NO
  • Self supplied via current loop
  • Operating temperatur -15-60 °C
  • Hole measuring: 11mm




Greystone CS sensor do not need external supply voltage, because it is supplied with the nessessary voltage via induction with the load source. The output is NO, which means Normally Open, and when the input current exceeds the setpoint, the switch will close, and shifts the binary state as information to the following controller.

The sensor is typically used to monitor motor failure, belt breakage, blocking of the machine intake or tool wear. 


Mastervarenr. CS-610-
Mastervare No