• Voltage monitoring
  • 4 measuring inputs
  • Adjustment for setpoint, hysteresis and time delay
  • Relay inverting selectable
  • Green LED for supply voltage connected
  • Red LED for relay aktive
  • Red LED for setpoint obtained
  • 1-polet/8A output relay
  • 48-250 VDC supply

C-mac® voltage monitoring relay RV10 is a universal measuring relay with 4 measuring ranges from 40mV til 600 VAC/DC. 

The input range is selected by connecting to the terminals which corresponds to the given measuring range (se further in the datasheet). The choice between AC- or DC-measuring is initiated by connecting pin 7 and 8.

From two switches at the back of the module the relay- and time delay functions can be chosen.  

When the module measures AC, it is the RMS value that will be displayed, and the level adjustment is calibrated to the RMS value of the sine signal.  

Mastervarenr. RV10-1-4-
Mastervare No