• Voltage measuring relay - 5 to 100V/10 to 200V/25 to 500V
  • 3 measuring inputs in each modul
  • Adjustment of setpoint and time delay
  • Choosable relay inverting, time inverting, hysteresis and start-up delay
  • Automatic detecting of AC- or DC-measuring signals
  • 48-250 VDC supply

C-mac® voltage relay type RV30 is a universal measuring relay, which is provided with 3 measuring ranges, automatic detecting of AC- or DC input signals, as well as VDC output voltage for eksternal signals.

Using a DIP-switch in the botton of the module it is possible to chose between 4 different combinations of relay inverting and time delay, 5 or 15% hysteresis and start-up delay. It is possible to adjust the setpoint and time delay between 0 and 10 seconds. 

The modules can be sourced in 3 different ranges, so that it is possible to choose voltage ranges between 3-60 mV and 25-500 V.

The start-up delay has the following function: When switch 4 is off, there is no start-up delay so that the monitoring will begin when the supply is connected. When switch 4 is ON, there will be a fixed start-up delay, so that the first 10 seconds after the supply voltage is connected the output relay will be placed in the position corresponding to a "0"-value at the measuring input, and after this moment the monitoring will begin. This function will be adequate for monitoring utilities that uses a lot of power.

Modulet can be sourced for 24, 115 or 230 VAC supply, and 12-50 VDC supply.

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