• DC-current measuring relay - range 0,05 to 1A and 0,25 to 6A
  • 3 measuring inputs
  • Setpoint and hysteresis adjustable 
  • Relay inverting, time delay, hysteresis and start-up delay choosable
  • Automatic detecting AC- or DC measuring signal
  • 2-pole relay output 5A
  • 230 VAC supply

C-mac® current relay, type RC30 is a universal measuring relay, which is equipped with 3  measuring ranges, automatic detecting of AC- or DC indputsignal, and 24 VDC output voltage from external sources. From a DIP-switch located in the botton of the module, it is possible to choose between 4 different combinations of relay inverting and time delay, 5 or 15% hysteresis and start-up delay. 

At the front of the module it is possible to adjust the setpoint and time delay between 0 og 10 seconds. The module can be sourced in 3 different ranges for currents between 0,1-2 mA and 0,25-6 A.

The start-up delay has this function: When switch 4 is off, there is no start-up delay, which means that the monitoring starts, when the supply voltage is connected. When switch 4 is ON, there is a fixed start-up delay, which means that in the first 10 seconds after the supply voltage is connected, the relay output stays in the position, that is equivalent to "0" at the measuring input, and only then the monitoring begins. This function is interesting, if a load with a very high start-up current is monitored.  

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