• DC-current measuring relay - range 0,1 to 2A
  • Setpoint and hysteresis adjustable 
  • Eksternal potmeter input
  • Relay inverting choosable
  • 2-pole relay output 5A
  • 24VAC supply

C-mac® modul type RC20 is a simple current measuring relay for DC-signals. The module can be sourced for several mesurement ranges. The actual range is specified by ordering. 

RC20 can be used for surveillance of both under- and over current, and by connecting terminals at the relay socket it is possible to chose whether the relay must turn on or off when the setpoint is exceeded.

Voltage supply: 24/115/230VAC or 12-50VDC

Relay output: 1 pole 8A or 2 pole 5A

Mastervarenr. RC20-2-1
Mastervare No