• Under voltage monitoring with or without delay
  • Over voltage monitoring with or without delay
  • Phase sequence with or without delay
  • Phase asymmetric monitoring with or without delay + combinations of these functions
  • 1-pole relay output 8 A - 250 VAC
  • 400VAC

The 3-phase monitoring relays, C-mac® series FP, are special developed to accomadate the requirements for safe and economical monitoring of the quality of the 3-phase supply voltage and to protect machines and motors which are connected to the 3-phase voltages. 

The devices are sourced for DIN-rail mounting in a standard module housing with a front measuring at 45 x 35 mm. This makes them suitable for mounting in M36 covers as well as in industrial applications. All units can be connected to 3-phase supplies with or without neutral and are equipped with a 1-pole relay output. 

FP-series consists of following variants:
FP30: Combined under- and overvoltage relay with fixed reactiontime and adjustable setpoint.
FP31: Phase sequence/ phase asymmetrical relay with fixed reactiontime and adjustable setpunkt.
FP34: Combinered phase sequence as well as over- and undervoltage relay with fixed reactiontime and adjustable.

FP35: Combined over- and undervoltage relay with fixed setpoint and adjustable reactiontime. 

The princip of funktion are the same for all units:
When the supplyvoltage is connected, and the monitoring parameters are within the chosen limits, the output relay will activate. If one or more parameters are outside the chosen limits, the relay will drop off. 
The relay function can be chosen with or without time delay, dependant of modul type. 

Sensivity and accuracy:
All devices are universal for 3-phase supply with or without hole. Internal in the module the 3 phase signals are measured in relation to neutral, and all adjustments is done with neutral connected. 
If the device is used in an installation without neutral connected, the device generates its own neutral-reference. In this case the sensivity of the device is dependent of the way the 3-phased phase signals are moving in accordance to each other: If all phases are alike, for instance 10% lower than the nomonal values, the sensivity and the accuracy the same as if neutral was connected, because the internal neutral-reference will be the same. If only one of the phases are changing, the result is, that the internal neutral will move in accordance to correct neutral, and the sensivity will be reduced up to 25%. 

Dimensions: 90 x 35 x 57 mm

Mastervarenr. FP30-400
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